We are actively engaged in research & community projects

Working towards delivering age-friendly technologies, services & environments

Our Research Projects

To meet with us to talk about a research idea, find out more about our research or volunteer for our outreach projects, send us a message or email one of the research team.



November 2013 - December 2015

The aim of Haivisio is to increase the innovation performance of funded projects and improve their impact through sharing, synergy building and appropriate communication.

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May 2014 - October 2016

SpONSOR aims at developing, testing and implementing an ICT platform that facilitates the posting, browsing and exchange of key information between competence-offering seniors and search-based requests, from competence-demanding organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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October 2013 - October 2016

INDICATE will support stakeholders in the transition towards smart cities by providing an interactive decision support tool for urban planning and design. The tool will assess the interactions between urban objects and spaces, buildings, the electricity grid, renewable technologies and ICT and recommend options for optimising infrastructure, installing technology, and providing cost effective utility services.

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July 2013 - June 2016

Kiduku is a collaboration between NetwellCASALA, UCD, Fujitsu Ireland and Fujitsu Laboratories Japan, to explore ways to assist independent living through ICT (information and communication technology). The project is a 3-year programme.

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Great Northern Haven

June 2010 - Ongoing

A unique collaboration between the Louth Local Authorities, local Health Service Executive, industry partners, research & development and the older residents. Great Northern Haven is a demonstration housing project consisting of 16 purpose-built smart homes, each equipped with a combination of sensor and interactive technology to support AAL for older people.

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Your Wellness

January 2012 - Ongoing

The YourWellness application is an iPad application to support people in self-reporting on various aspects of their wellbeing, such as mood, sleep patterns, falls history and to provide feedback on such, in terms of providing a history of one’s wellbeing data over time and information and education on how to maintain or return to a healthy state of being.

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June 2010 - Ongoing

CABIE (Context-Aware Broker and Inference Engine) is a software technology platform to map data from multi-modal sensors to AAL services deployed within older people’s homes.

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Behaviour & Activity Monitoring

June 2010 - Ongoing

Data from the 16 smart-aware apartments at Great Northern Haven (GNH) are being investigated in order to create algorithms to automatically recognize daily behaviours and events.

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Our Community Projects


Memory Café

Sept 2014 - Ongoing

The Netwell Memory Café opened in September 2014, run by staff and volunteers managed and associated with the NetwellCASALA. The overriding aim of the Netwell Memory Café is to create a friendly and informal place with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where people with memory problems, their families, and friends can gather and share relevant information.

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Men’s Sheds

Sept 2011 - Ongoing

The Louth Community Men’s Shed’s project is designed to help connect men with their community. It recognises and responds to gender differences in behaviour as well as the need to support men to improve their own wellbeing and levels of social interaction. The project values the lifetime of skills and experience built up by older men and facilitates the transfer of their skills and experiences to the wider community across the northeast through practical hands-on activities in gendered spaces.

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Good Morning Louth

Sept 2011 - Ongoing

Good-quality information and advice are vital in promoting the independence involvement and interests of older people. Good Morning Louth is a free telephone and advice service to people aged 65+ living in County Louth and bordering areas of Monaghan.   Older people who sign up to GML receive regular telephone calls at agreed days and times by trained and vetted volunteers, drawn from the local community.

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Apr 2012 - 2015

Respite care refers to formal services designed to provide a break for family carers from the physical and emotional burden of caring.   This project is designed to test a new model of respite care in County Louth based on overnight care in the person’s home and paid for by the HSE.

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Flourishing with Dementia

Apr 2014 - Apr 2016

Focused on improving the experiences of 35 people with more complex dementia-related challenges, the project will support people to flourish in the community, developing individually tailored personal plans, realising their own potential and connecting to a more dementia-aware community.

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2007 - Ongoing

Cúltaca is one of the major initiatives developed by the Netwell Centre to promote independent living for older people. It empowers older people to make choices about services and supports that they need by developing a personal plan. It assists people in accessing a wide range of voluntary, social and health services.

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Our past projects

Here are some of the research projects that are now completed.

Discover for Carers

DISCOVER aimed to familiarise carers with digital technologies and embed them in their day-to-day lives.


SANDPiT, the Schools ApplicatioN Development ProjecT is a novel intergenerational project whereby 40 school students and 12 older adults worked together over 9 months to design and prototype technology applications for mobile devices.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a trial of an economically sustainable home assistance service which extends elders living independently.<

Louth Age Friendly County Initiative

Louth will be the first age-friendly county in Ireland, and will lead the way for others to follow. It is an exciting time to be involved in this flagship initiative.

The Way we Were

The Way We Were project reflects, remembers and celebrates Dundalk’s railway and captures the daily routines and heritage of pre and post 1950s Dundalk and the adjacent areas of south Armagh, Down, Fermanagh and Antrim.


The Teaghlach Project aimed to change the culture of care to support older people to direct their own lives ‘at home’ supported by consistent and valued teams of healthcare staff in an environment reflective as much as possible of the older person’s own home.


SPIRAL focused on the use of storytelling to facilitate an understanding of the past and a greater appreciation for the benefits of peace in the northeast cross-border region.


Respect project aimed to ensure that migrant workers are treated with fairness and dignity at work and in society.

Bosch Telehealth Trial

The Netwell project demonstrated how a telehealth system may help patients better understand their chronic illness and motivate them to change their behaviour to improve self-management of their condition.

BMW Briefings

A Series of three Research Briefing Workshops for SME’s on Building Competitive Advantage in the AAL Market.


BRAID aimed to develop a comprehensive research and technological development roadmap for active ageing by consolidating existing roadmaps and by describing and launching a stakeholder co-ordination and consultation mechanism.

Home Security

This project is developing a simple, easy-to-use iPad application to provide peace of mind to the residents of Great Northern Haven before they go to bed. This interface has been developed to ensure that the outside windows and doors are closed and the oven and water is off.

Falls Prevention

This study, a collaboration between CASALA, University College Dublin and the Health Service Executive proposes to observe how a volunteer group of older people identified as being at mild to moderate risk of falling move and behave over a 5-day period in the Great Northern Haven smart apartments.


SEED, as part of a SEAI Better Energy Communities project in 2012, formed Ireland’s first large-scale community energy monitoring project using smart technology.