Human Centric Lighting Project

Researchers in NetwellCASALA, together with the Quality of Life Committee in Sonas Ard Na Greine Nursing Home in Enniscrone Sligo are fronting a very exciting study to examine the effects that “Human Centric Lighting” has on the quality of life of older adults living in a nursing home environment. Recent research has shown the positive impact that daylight has on well-being, health and emotions. However in the nursing home environment it can be challenging for older adult residents, particularly those with impaired mobility or impaired cognitive functioning to get outside and achieve sufficient daylight stimulation. In order to address this, the Sonas Ard na Greine Nursing Home has installed a Human Centric Lighting system from Glamox (a Norwegian lighting company) which mimics the trajectory of natural day light. This system delivers special blue lighting in the morning time, which is predicted to have a stimulating effect , while in the evening time, the lighting adjusts to a more reddish light creating a more relaxing and calming atmosphere. This research study will examine the effects that this lighting system has on the residents in Sonas Ard na Greine, examining the impact that it has on mood, activity levels and sleep.